How to develop a website and desktop aplication using a single stack Technology

Every single web developer face the challenge if they want their project to be done on both web and
application stack. Even if the developer have the knowledge of both the stack, e.g. Application:(VB.NET, C#) or
Web:(php,HTML,javascript,CSS,ASPX), then it’s almost a situation where one would think either of working
on both technology paralelly or choosing the other option i.e. one after another. Somehow it could be done choosing
one of those options with some worse head bang efforts.
But, will it be a better approach if there is a time constraint??Than certainly, it’s a NO.
So if you are a PHP developer thinking of getting a solution over this situation than you are in the better place.
Following are the components you need to know before getting it started:
(1)PHPDesktop Chrome
(2)SQlite Database
(3)PHP using PDO
(4)InnoSetup Installer

The upcoming Post coming soon will be helpful to you, where I will tell you step by step about each component that you must know before developing your application/website. Stay Tuned!

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