Getting started with Python for Data Analytics

Hey are you one of them, who is interested in Data Analytics and pondering of learning Python?? But at the same time you might be having a lots of questions in your mind like how to get started, what are the tools do I require or what are the basic requirements to learn Python.

So you can take a deep breath and just relax as learning Python is not a rocket science.

You just need to be a enthusiast learner with any prior programming language(like C or Java). This post will help you to get some guidelines to get yourself involved and show you the proper road map to enhance your analytics skill in Python.


  1. Get the Anaconda distribution Package. Install it into your system and try to explore the GUI of it
  2. Learn the Programming Basics of Python.
  3. Explore about the basic data structures and the purpose of using them(List, Dictionary and Tuples)
  4. There are a lots of packages for Data Analytics. But as a beginner you can get started with numpy and pandas
  5. For visualization learn matplotlib


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